Team Phaedo³ In The News

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Here’s little taste of a recent feature on Lloyd and the boys that appeared in Sailing World.

“The smiling, stubble-faced 35-year-old owner and co-skipper of the lime-green and chrome MOD70 trimaran Phaedo³ is still trembling with adrenaline hours after he and a small crew of crazies blitzed across the English Channel in 4 hours and 29 minutes.”


“While crossing the 138-mile space between Cowes, England, and Dinard, France, they maintained a 28.7-knot average, pegging the speedo at 40.9 knots. It’s another passage record for Lloyd Thornburg, and the third his squad bags in one week.”

“‘This is the scariest thing I’ve done,’ says Thornburg, the jovial American skipper. ‘I fly, skydive and drive fast cars, but all those other things are scary for a minute or a few minutes at a time. This boat shows you what you’re capable of after being miserable, and tired, and soaked in fear for 30 hours.’


“The possibility of waking up upside down in the dark, freezing-cold water plays on his mind. The constant noise and exposure wear him down. ‘But that’s the beauty of it,’ he says. ‘It’s like a mental detox that breaks life down to its simplest and most beautiful elements. Pushing these boats to their limits offshore might be as close as anyone can get to what it feels like to be in space. You can’t get farther away from civilization. It’s a harsh environment, and the speed is like nothing else on Earth.’”


Check out for the full story.

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