Team Phaedo³ Smashes The Monaco To Porto Cervo Record*

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*Pending ratification by the World Speed Sailing Record Council



After leaving Monaco earler this morning, Lloyd Thornburg’s MOD70, Phaedo³ crossed the finish line off Porto Cervo from 16:06:51 (CET) to setting a new World Record of 7 hours, 53 minutes and 31 seconds (pending ratification by the World Speed Sailing Record Council).

unnamed-3The Team left the dock outside the Yacht Club de Monaco at sunrise and crossed the start line soon after, heading out into a brisk westerly breeze at speeds over 30 knots.

unnamed-6And just a few hours before sunset,  completed the 185 mile course at an average speed of 25.8 knots! The previous record was set by Esimit Europa with a time 10h 13m 42s.


Stay tuned for more of the story once the boys dry off and have a few celebratory beers.


Photo credit: Rachel Fallon-Langdon / Team Phaedo

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