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Phaedo³ Here’s an excerpt from Bill Springer’s recent piece on Lloyd and the team in ForbesLife.

My first intoxicating taste of pure offshore sailing speed came aboard a chase boat at the start of the Transatlantic Race in Newport, Rhode Island last summer. Thirty five year-old owner/skipper Lloyd Thornburg, co-skipper and veteran record-breaker Brian Thompson, and the rest of the relatively newly assembled crew of his MOD 70 trimaran Phaedo³ were racing out of Narraganset Bay with some the of the fastest offshore sailboats in the world—including Netscape co-founder Jim Clark’s massive, multi-million dollar monohull Comanche and veteran CEO George David’s 88-foot Rambler 88. It took all 600 horsepower of our chase boat’s outboards to keep up.

lloyd.brian_-1200x799But then Phaedo3 cleared Newport’s Brenton Reef and accelerated faster than any offshore sailboat I’ve ever seen. No “normal” boat (including Comanche or Rambler 88) could keep up. But as I was soon to learn, Thornburg’s Phaedos (he owns and races two high-performance boats—the striking chrome and green Phaedo3 in the Atlantic, and his original Phaedo, a highly modified, bright orange 66-foot catamaran in the Pacific) aren’t “normal” boats. And come to think of it, he’s not your “normal” high-net-worth guy either.


Thornburg is actually a thoughtful, funny, and charismatic 35-year-old doer who leads a small crew of World Record-breaking sailors that race aboard one the fastest offshore sailboats in the world, across some of the most remote and inhospitable places on earth. He’s also an accomplished pilot and occasional triathlete who splits his time between a home in the Caribbean and racing his high-performance yachts in some of the most prestigious races the world.

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