Irish Times: Phaedo³ Breaks Around Ireland Record

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Niall Flynn of the Irish Times writes: “American sailor Lloyd Thornburg has set a new world record for the fastest sail around Ireland. His crew, which included Ireland’s Damian Foxall and co-skipper, the UK’s Brian Thompson, beat the previous record by more than one hour and 45 minutes. They departed from Dún Laoghaire on Wednesday afternoon, returning there at 4am this morning – an impressive 36 hours and 52 minutes later.

“Back ashore, Thornbug said the crew were exhausted. But it was “worth every second.”

“You really appreciate how beautiful this island is when you see it from the coast side. The first time we came here was when we took part in the Volvo Round Ireland Yacht race last June. We had to come back and do it again and setting a new world record made it all the more worthwhile,” he said.

“It was intense but we’d do it again tomorrow. And we will be back!”

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